Manage and share any kind of BPMN diagrams and related documents
COMIN SOON :: Vizi Sharepoint

A powerful BPM portal with MICROSOFT SHAREPOINT

Vizi-SharePoint now integrates process models in Microsoft SharePoint! Comfortably and easily accessible via web browser. Vizi-SharePoint provides a secure location for accessing and storing models, documents and additional information.
Sharepoint gives you access to your models regardless of place and device. Vizi Sharepoint allows you to structure, share, and annotate BPM artifacts (Visio models). After logging into Sharepoint you get access to the Vizi-SharePoint Portal via a WebApp. There are three different views based on your model: the dashboard, the model view and the standard document view of all artifacts in the Vizi Manager Repository.

Direct access through the dashboard

Sharepoint portal at a glance: Role-based navigation through models, processes and documents and direct access to the process map. Statistics and comments provides a general overview of the model base and its state (e.g. aggregated view of model quality). Clearly displayed, you have access to all important information about your business process model.

The modell view – a hierarchical representation of the model base.

Easyly navigate through your model hierarchy. The model view allows you to navigate through the entire hierarchy within the tree or directly thorugh the diagram preview, e.g. starting from a process map of the selected BPMN process and sub-process. Documents are linked (e.g. PDF or Word) and also the most important metadata are clearly displayed (model info, versioning and historisation information, model descriptions, etc.). Models and documents can be edited directly or downloaded for editing.

Document view – a hierarchical representation of the model base.

Like the file explorer or repository explorer, the menu tree and preview of the selected document and its metadata are clearly displayed. Models and documents can also be edited directly from here or downloaded for editing.